Orphaned and homeless, Simone’s savior is finally here, but her nightmare has just begun.

Reader reviews sing praise for debut thriller, Bleeding Heart.

“I really enjoyed this story. At times, my heart was beating as fast as Simone’s must have been. Highly recommended!” – Delajean (Amazon reader)

“This book was a very great read!! Very suspenseful and i couldn’t put the book down. Every time I turned the page it just kept getting better and better. And I wanted more.” Ashley (Amazon reader)

“I had no idea what to expect going into it, and it gets going in the first chapters. Neil and Simone have a unique relationship…think Doll House or the dynamic between Jack and Grace (Behind Closed Doors). I don’t wanna give away too much, but he sets his sights on another woman, Vanessa, and Simone must tread carefully if she wants to save herself. I loved it.” -Jessica Robins, book blogger (@jessicamap on Instagram)

“I flipped to the first page not knowing what to expect and the next thing I knew, I was halfway through the book. I couldn’t wait to get on my lunch break and then home to finish it. What a thrilling debut! Completely fast paced! Like psychological thrillers that read quickly and keep you turning pages? Jump on the Bleeding Heart!” – Chandra, book blogger (@wherethereadergrows on Instagram)